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Why glass balustrades are the must-have design feature for 2016

Saturday 1st October, 2016

Glass balustrades have been growing in popularity as a design feature for some years now. A contemporary look that was initially only ever seen on commercial or high-end residential properties; as is often the case, this architectural trend has now filtered through to be replicated in residential properties across all sectors.

And no wonder. Glass balustrades have so much going for them. Sleek and elegant, a glass balustrade can add a touch of sophistication to any setting.


A brighter home with a glass balustrade

glass_balustradeAs well as being ultra-modern, a glass balustrade can even make your home feel bigger. Internally, glass balustrades let natural light flood your stairs or landing, creating the illusion of more space within the home.

Installed externally, a glass balustrade will again allow light to flow through – so a glass balustrade on your balcony or terrace won’t shade your home in any way. Instead, it will allow natural light to stream through, and means you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of your garden or surrounding scenery.

A safe and durable design feature for family homes

glass_balustradeGlass balustrades are perfect for family homes. Traditional railing systems can be a risk for young children – youngsters have been known to get their heads stuck in them or can even slide their whole bodies through wider gaps. With glass balustrades this isn’t possible, as there are no gaps or openings necessary. 

Children will also love the fact that they too can enjoy the uninterrupted view of their surroundings, without having to peer over the top or around the edges, as they would with other styles of solid balustrade.

Buy your glass balustrade from a trusted glass supplier like Peterlee Glass and you can be assured of its durability and safety. We will only ever make glass balustrades from either toughened glass or toughened laminated glass. So your glass won’t scratch or peel like wood, and will be up to five times more resistant to impact than non-tempered glass of the same thickness.

Glass balustrades are so easy to keep clean too – another essential feature for the modern family home! A quick wipe down with a standard glass cleaner is all that is needed to remove grubby fingerprints, grime or dust. Far less fiddly than cleaning wooden spindles or metal railings!

Glass balustrades are quick and easy to install

glass_balustradeIf you’re looking to add a modern style to your interior design, one of the quickest and least disruptive home improvement steps is to swap the traditional wooden spindles of your staircase for a contemporary and minimalist glass balustrade.

Reputable and reliable glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass may even be able to use your existing handrails and newel posts as the frame for your new glass balustrade, meaning you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful, elegant and modern glass balustrade, but at a fraction of the cost.

If you would like to enjoy the benefits of glass balustrades in your home, get in touch with Peterlee Glass, or call in to our Trade Centre. Alternatively, if you know the size and specifications you require, our online pricing calculator can give you a quick, no-obligation quote.

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