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7 benefits of glass splashbacks

Wednesday 25th May, 2016


If you're planning a makeover for your kitchen, glass splashbacks are a wise option to consider. Whether you go for classic neutrals, zesty brights or pure monochrome, painted glass splashbacks will add a touch of style to your kitchen.

Read on to find out the top 7 benefits of glass splashbacks.

1. Glass splashbacks are hygienic

Nowhere is hygiene more important than in your kitchen. Food preparation, cooking and eating should all be done in an environment that is as clean as possible.

But did you know that with traditional tiled kitchen splashbacks, porous tile grout is known to harbour bacteria and other pathogens? It can also stain easily if it comes into contact with food and will require a really thorough scrub to clean it properly.

The smooth surfaces of glass splashbacks are easily cleaned with a quick wipe-down using your standard proprietary cleaners and there are no gaps or grouting seams to harbour germs and other kitchen nasties.


2. Glass splashbacks are safe, strong and durable

Glass splashbacks from reputable glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass are always made from 6mm toughened glass, so they are extremely strong and resistant to breaking or chipping. This also means your glass splashbacks will stay looking as good as new for years to come. No more grubby grout lines ruining the look of your kitchen!

3. Glass splashbacks can make your kitchen feel bigger

The light-reflecting qualities of glass splashbacks mean that light is bounced back into your room, making it feel more spacious and airy. The naturally shiny qualities of glass can add a whole new dimension to your kitchen.

4. Get a perfect fit with glass splashbacks

Glass splashbacks are bespoke and made to order, so are unique to your kitchen. This means you get a perfect fit every time – gone are the days of filling in awkward spaces with extra thick grout or having to cut tiles to a thin little sliver. Your glass splashbacks will be pre-cut to fit around plug sockets and switches and can be pre-drilled to add in details like shelving or racks, giving a perfect and professional finish.

5. Glass splashbacks are heat resistant

Made from toughened glass, glass splashbacks from trusted glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass are heat resistant up to 400°C. So there’s no fear of your glass splashbacks cracking from splashes of hot oil while you’re cooking.

glass_splashbacks6. Colour-match your painted glass splashbacks to your kitchen décor

Glass suppliers like Peterlee Glass can offer painted glass splashbacks in an unlimited range of colours. Why not match your glass splashbacks to your favourite kitchen appliance, the colour of your walls, or even your favourite fruit? You can even choose to have your glass splashbacks made featuring your own bespoke pattern. The options really are endless.

7. Glass splashbacks look stylish and contemporary

The aesthetic appeal of glass splashbacks is undoubtedly the primary reason people choose them. They look clean, modern and elegant and are unrivalled when it comes to contemporary design for your home.

If you decide to install glass splashbacks in your kitchen, Peterlee Glass can help. Our design experts can help you choose what would suit your home and our custom glass services will ensure your bespoke glass splashbacks are a perfect fit.

Call into the trade centre or call 0191 586 3113 to speak to one of our specialists.

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