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Using glass furniture to add style to your home

Wednesday 9th March, 2016

If you’re yearning for a fresh new look for your home, or ready to upgrade your home décor and want to invest in some stylish, quality pieces, glass furniture is a good choice to make.

Whether it’s a table, a TV cabinet, a CD tower, or a lamp, if it’s made of glass the chances are it will enhance the look of your home and bring a touch of class to your interior décor.


Benefits of glass furniture

There is something so modern and sleek about glass furniture – the clean lines, the reflective surface, the sense of light and open space that is enhanced by a piece of beautiful glass furniture.

Introducing a large piece of furniture into a room can often make the space feel smaller and, especially in the case of dark wooden furniture, can almost suck the light out of the room. But glass furniture can actually have the opposite effect – the reflective properties of glass allow even more light to bounce around a room, creating a sense of airiness and brightening the space.

Quality glass furniture is also durable and safe to have in the home. Reputable glass suppliers such as Peterlee Glass would always recommend purchasing glass furniture constructed in toughened glass. This will ensure your glass furniture stays looking good for many years to come and, in the unlikely event that it should ever be broken, toughened glass is far safer than standard annealed glass.

Your glass furniture will also be easy to clean and maintain and will never be susceptible to the perils of woodworm infestation, sun bleaching, or the dreaded water ring from a wet cup, all of which can leave wooden pieces wrecked.

Caring for your glass furniture couldn’t be simpler – a spray of standard shop-bought glass cleaner and a quick rub with a soft cloth will get that glass sparkling and looking as good as new.


Which kinds of homes suit glass furniture?

Glass furniture comes in so many different styles and designs, it really can enhance any home.

Whether you choose something minimalistic like a simple glass side table for a modern and understated design scheme, or go for a grand acid-etched dining table to fit in with a more traditional or perhaps even period home, there are pieces of glass furniture to suit any style.

Decorative effects can help to combine modern and traditional styles. Etching, frosting or painting can add an extra dimension to your glass furniture and, with bespoke pieces, will really make your glass furniture unique.


Your choice of glass furniture

When it comes to bespoke glass furniture, the only limitations are your imagination.

A simple CD rack can become a piece of art when constructed in glass. Or an unusual design feature such as decorative table legs or base can be enhanced and shown off to full effect with a beautiful glass table top.

Whatever you choose, when it comes to glass furniture, Peterlee Glass can help you with every step of the process. From bespoke design advice to producing the finished article, our experts will work with you to create a beautiful and enduring piece. Get in touch today or visit our trade centre to find out how we can help you.

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