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10 Kitchen Glass Splashback Ideas to Spice Up Your Home Design

Monday 15th February, 2016

Glass splashbacks are the key feature of contemporary kitchen design. Available in a dizzying array of colours, glass splashbacks allow you to make a real style statement in your home – whether you choose sophisticated and muted tones or zesty and playful brights, you can let your personality shine!
The modern alternative to tiles, glass splashbacks are hygienic and easy to clean. Produced in toughened glass, glass splashbacks are extremely strong and safe, and will continue to look stylish in your kitchen for years to come.
Holes to accommodate sockets, switches and cooker hoods need to be pre-drilled in painted glass, as once glass goes through the tempering process, it is not suitable for cutting.
Below, we take a look at 10 glass splashback designs that will really spice up your kitchen.

Glass splashbacks in classic neutral shades



The height of sophistication, glass splashbacks in mocha and soft mint would bring a touch of class to any modern kitchen. These colours look great with neutral cupboards and worktops. Alternatively, adding a glass splashback in a classic colour like aubergine to a neutral palate sets a very refined tone to a room. Chrome appliances and accessories really help to set neutrals off and, along with the painted glass, will reflect even more light back into the room.

Glass splashbacks in zesty brights


How’s about a glass splashback with real impact! A kitchen in colours like this bright lemon or lime green would certainly help to wake you up in the morning. Keeping the doors and worktops neutral will maximise the impact of the splashback and really make that colour pop. And for added effect, in this instance the lime green painted glass has been colour matched perfectly to the paint on the walls. A kitchen with real wow factor.

Achromatic glass splashbacks


A white glass splashback sharply contrasted with a black worktop or vice versa can make a very bold statement. This works well with a minimalistic design, enhancing the simplicity of clean lines and open space. Adding a bright colour like pillar box red into an achromatic scheme, as has been done in this example, can also be very effective. The pure white glass splashback sets the intense red doors off perfectly, making for a very contemporary design.

View the world through your glass splashback


For a truly unique glass splashback, why not use nature’s own canvas in your kitchen? These stunning kitchen layouts offer a view of the garden while you’re cooking by putting a window in place of a splashback. There are certain safety requirements that would need to be met for a project such as this – for example the window would need to be toughened glass, as are all glass splashbacks. But what an impressive style statement!

When it comes to choosing a glass splashback, the possibilities are endless. The design experts at Peterlee Glass can help you choose what would suit you and your home, and our custom glass services will ensure your bespoke glass splashback is a perfect fit.
Call into the trade centre today or call 0191 586 3113 to speak to one of our painted glass specialists.

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