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Kitchen Splashbacks: Eliminating Mess and Adding Style to your Kitchen

Tuesday 1st September, 2015

Kitchen splashbacks are the current on-trend product to be installed in modern homes. Providing a wide range of benefits, glass kitchen splashbacks are often chosen over kitchen tiles. So why are they so popular and what can you expect if you have them installed in your modern kitchen?

Looking to eliminate mess?
One of the biggest benefits of installing a back splash for kitchen worktops is the fact they catch any mess flying around the room. They are particularly useful when used behind the cooker. Food cooking on a hob can easily splash onto the back wall and it can be difficult to clean off. Kitchen splashbacks help to catch that mess and what’s more, it’s easy to wipe off. Debris won’t get stuck on the glass providing it is cleaned up quickly enough.

Very little maintenance required
Another reason why people choose to have a kitchen splash back installed is because they require very little maintenance. They are easy to clean due to their sleek design and you often don’t need to use any special cleaners on them to remove spillage. If you invest in toughened glass splashbacks they will also last for many years. This outweighs the initial cost of installing them.

Add unique style to the kitchen
One of the main reasons why people choose kitchen splashbacks is because of their aesthetic appeal. They really can add a unique sense of style to the room. Their shiny appearance helps to reflect the light perfectly. It also helps to make your kitchen look cleaner, as well as giving it a modern makeover. There are many different colour options available. No matter what your current décor, you’ll always be able to find something to match it. Why not go bold and make a real style statement?

Resistant to heat
When you have glass kitchen splashbacks installed, you can rest assured they won’t get damaged over time. Heat does not affect the splashbacks and they can withstand pretty high temperatures. This gives you a peace of mind while you’re cooking.

Customised to fit your needs
It’s definitely worth looking out for customised kitchen splashbacks. They are measured, cut to size and created specifically for your kitchen. This allows you to achieve the ultimate personalised look. When choosing this service it’s important you take accurate measurements; especially if you’re choosing toughened kitchen splash backs. Toughened glass cannot be safely cut once it has been treated. Therefore the measurements need to be right before it is cut to size.

Overall kitchen splash backs are highly recommended. They not only look fantastic, but they provide a useful purpose too. Available in a wide variety of styles, it’s worth comparing as many different ones as you can before buying. That way you’ll find the perfect splash back to fit your kitchen. It’s also important you buy from a trustworthy, high quality company such as PLG Glass.  That way you know you’re guaranteed to get the highest quality splashbacks fitted in the home. The initial cost of splashbacks is definitely outweighed by the long term benefits you’ll receive.

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